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When Life Gives You Lemons ....

A Foodie Review of Salt & Time - Lemon and Lime Preserved Pastes as featured in Oasis Magazine

When life gives you lemons….

If you prefer your food bland, skip this article, it’s not for you!

Be warned after reading this your be drooling alongside me.

It taken me far too long to realise just how many of my problems could be solved by preserved lemons and limes.

Having owned a cooking school for 3 years, I have a few simple tricks up my sleeve when it comes to cooking, but I’ve been on the search of something that takes my dishes further than just merely edible, something that would take dishes from dull to divine. I’ve needed a little food magic.

I’m a lover of big bold in your face flavours, so when I discovered Salt & Time Preserved Lemon and Lime, my world turned upside down, these shockingly delicious drool-worthy, scrumptious, preserved pastes are “scary good”. You’ve probably seen a version of them on cooking shows and in glamorous cookbook photos.

These lemons and limes, preserved in salt and juice, taste like nothing else.

With their soft and subtle flavor, these preserved pastes add mild zing to countless dishes. It's mellow yet intensely citric, with none of the nose-tickling bright, high notes of the fresh lemon or lime.

Preserved lemon or lime is an essential ingredient for capturing a taste of middle eastern cuisine. Not long ago, you had to make it, a time-consuming process of curing whole lemons or limes in salt.

That’s all in the past with Kuranda based business SpiceZ Sri Lankan Curry Kits who have not only created a range of fragrant hand roasted spice blends, dukkahs, and gourmet salt blends, but has introduced a smooth, jammy paste of preserved lemons and limes that does its citric, saline work in tagines, curries, dressings, sauces, marinades, spreads and dips.

It was founder Zana who had introduced me to this sublime paste she has created alongside her husband. After sitting down with her to discuss the origins of her new product I found that her passion for food and spice began at an early age and was influenced by her Sri Lankan and German background which inevitably weaved the path to her becoming a chef.

Zana has always been immersed in the authentic cuisine of her heritage. Ramona Rusch, Zana’s mother who is well-known for introducing the Sri Lankan cuisine to the hilltop town of Kuranda instilled a passion for Sri Lankan food and culture into her daughter, raising Zana and her sisters on authentic dishes.

The family grew up around the table alongside their grandparents and the siblings learnt from to prepare the ritual of food preparation, learning how to make the cucumber salad, fry up the ingredients and absorbing the handed down techniques from their grandparents to their mum.

As a chef Zana has been able to experiment with her passion for Middle Eastern cuisine and has perfected her recipes of the preserved lemon and lime pastes that have seen their way onto local and interstate supermarket shelves.

By sourcing only local produce and supporting the local farmers by using their B grade food product Salt & Time is forging an entrepreneurial food path for local agri-business through collaboration. Now, more than ever, we are seeing small SME businesses like Salt & Time recognise the need for collaboration and innovation and it’s partnerships like these are providing solutions to problems that arise around food waste.

So as the saying goes, when life give you lemons…. well, you know the rest.

Salt & Time is just one of many local food businesses doing their bit for showcasing the FNQ food region to the rest of Australia.

So if you are in need of a little “food magic” of your own to transform any dish into something special then you should need very little else in life after you’ve discovered these preserved lemon or lime pastes. Every now and then we all need to add a little grown-up fairy dust to our cooking AND quite honestly these pastes might just become your newest favorite condiment and you’re new taste addiction.

Not only will you supporting a local but you’re supporting the bigger picture of spreading the word on just how good are food is that is produced and manufactured right here in our region.

You can purchase from www.spicez.com.au | Spicez@bigpond.com | 0428 741 350.

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