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What Social Media Should You Be Using For Your Restaurant

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful arena for online marketing. Many studies have pointed out the fact that a lot of persons spent most of their times on the social media for different purposes and as such the social media has become a hub where people get information easily and whatever is shared on the social media with the required techniques goes viral that even expected. Many persons have leverage on the power of the social media to promote their businesses online and have recorded immense success.

Like every other business, restaurants have or can also use the social media to market their services, but for starters or restaurants that are yet to have a strong social media presence, the hassle has always been on which social media platform to use. It is important to understand how these social media platforms work and having a fair knowledge on which to use for your restaurant.

Here is a guide on the suitable social media platforms you should consider for your restaurant:


Yes! You read that right, Facebook. This social media platform simply needs no introduction. As you probably know, this is one of the world largest social media network with billions of users and a good number of users being active always. These days, we read a lot of stories from Facebook – it’s true that we even have to visit many sites via Facebook.

So, as a restaurant owner, you need a Facebook page for your restaurant; you can share anything you wish to share about your restaurant as it relates to marketing, target your audience, and boost your contents to get your desired engagement. Many restaurants have recorded huge success through Facebook, you don’t have to miss out.


This is another great social media platform that can help grow your restaurant. They are millions of active users here and you can reach out to them once you have a good twitter handle for your brand. Unlike Facebook that allows you write lengthy contents and share, Twitter only allows posting a few sentences known as "tweets" and so, you have to try to detail what you are sharing to send the message across properly.

However, another good aspect is that you can add your website links while tweeting which in turn redirect your followers to your website. While on Twitter, you need to learn the right use of hashtags, re-tweeting, mentions, and so on. This will help you get the right engagement.


This is a mobile-based social network that allows users to share photos with their contacts via smartphones. A restaurant with an Instagram account with a good number of followers can share good foods photos and other photos that represent their brand to get engagement from these followers. Instagram has millions of active users – a good use of the platform will help grow your restaurant as it projects your brand image to your target audience.

Are you looking for the right social media platform to use for your restaurant? Consider the above listed social media platforms for your restaurant. You don’t need to just go for one or two, you have to consider setting up accounts on all the social media platforms listed, that way, you’re sure of an all-round target and it will sure take your restaurant business to the next level. Apart from the listed social media platforms, we also recommend, Google+, Pinterest and Snap Chat.


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