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What Does a Rebrand Look Like? Here's an Overview.

If your last marketing campaign has faded away and sales seem to be drying out, you might want to consider a makeover for your brand. In the biz, we call that a rebrand. There are many ways to achieve it since there are many things about your company that make you unique from others in the industry.

Logo refresh

One of the most common ways to rebrand your company is to redesign your logo. For companies that have been around a long time, refreshing the logo to make it look more current while staying true to the brand is a brilliant idea. It also brings new recognition with it so it will excite current clients while bringing in more of them.

Update 2.0

Rebranding doesn’t mean you have to throw out what was there before. You maintain the basic connection of your brand identity but change the way it’s dressed up. It’s exactly like what happens with a personal makeover, only this one is for your brand. When you get a new haircut or buy a new business wardrobe, you’re still the same person. You just represent yourself in an even better way. That’s true for your business too. It helps you connect with today’s audience for a brighter future.

Complete redesign

Sometimes though, you can go all out and completely redesign everything. This would be like getting plastic surgery, a total transformation. Sometimes, it’s necessary to make a brand new identity and a whole new system for your brand name. It’s fresh, it’s exciting and it can spring you forward to a whole new level.

Is a rebrand right for you?

Do you have new products, services or even a new market? You’ll want to make sure you appeal to them and become tastier than the competition. But whether it’s a change to your logo, a glossy makeover, or a total redesign of your brand, you’ll need some help. At The Dirty Apron & Co., it’s kind of our thing to give your brand a new flavour. It takes time and know-how and we’ve got the experience and tools to totally whip something delicious up for you.

Let our extraordinary creative team and background in the food and beverage industry help you to stand out from the rest. If your brand could use some more spice to jazz it up, we’re here to give you the attention you need. Just pull on our apron strings!

If you have any questions, make sure to ask inside my Facebook group, Bite-sized Marketing Morsels with The Dirty Apron & Co. This is one of my favourite places to hang out! On this sounding board, I get personal and raw while introducing you to other food industry movers-and-shakers, bringing mini-trainings right to your feed for delicious results. 

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