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How to Use Instagram to Get More Customers for a Coffee Shop

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Instagram is a leading social media platform that’s famous for its use of pictures as the medium of communication.

Presently, the site has over 100 million active users, and the numbers continue to grow.

Any marketer worth their onions know this huge user base is a marketing goldmine that can be tapped to increase the reach and revenue of businesses. Instagram might not be as popular for social media marketing as other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but the potential of this site is tremendous when used correctly, especially for small businesses such as coffee shops. Starbucks is a favourite coffee brand that has perfected the use of Instagram has a formidable marketing tool. If you own a coffee shop, then this post is for you as I will be providing tips on how to harness the marketing potential of Instagram to increase customers at your coffee shop.

Choose a Handle That Reflects Your Brand Name

A critical step towards using Instagram to win more customers is to choose a handle that resonates your business name. Choosing the right handle will ensure that your business shows up more when people search for coffee shops. You might need to be a little creative here, especially if your business has a long name. The important thing is to have a handle that will be easy to find by customers. It also helps if your username is the same as your username on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Be Creative When Taking Pictures

Instagram is a visually oriented social media platform, so pay attention to the quality of your photos. When taking pictures, ensure the picture is perfect in every way possible. You can post pictures of items from your menu, different types of coffees, baked products sold at your shop, and other services that you render. Use a powerful camera and utilize the available editing software creatively to ensure your pictures come out clean, clear and positively represent your brand. Don’t forget to write an engaging caption that ends with an invite to action.

Link Your Instagram and Other Social Media Accounts Together

Many Instagram users are unaware that Instagram and Facebook are connected, which is why images posted on Facebook can also be shared on Instagram. Connect your Instagram page to your Facebook so you can widen your reach with less effort. Do this for other social media sites to create more awareness for your brand, and the customers will start rolling into your coffee shop.

Associate Your Products with Celebrities

Celebrity endorsements can go a long way in boosting your customer base. If you can lay your hands on celebrities and make them share maybe a cup of coffee at your shop, and then share pictures of the event on Instagram, the popularity of your coffee shop is surely going to increase. Even though celebrities can be hard to get, don’t ever let the chance pass you by if you find one, even if the person is from the neighbourhood.

Be Regular

Whatever we pay much attention to, grows. Your Instagram account requires constant attention to deliver results as a social media marketing tool. Be consistent and post new content on a daily basis. Be an active member of the Instagram community, particularly in your niche.

These strategies are some of the ways of making your Instagram account a great marketing tool. Remember to pick a handle that’s consistent with your brand, and link your account with other social media sites. Be consistent, post quality content that’s engaging, educative and of value to your customers. You won’t be able to stop when you start seeing the results.


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