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How to Respond to Negative Tripadvisor reviews

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

An essential ingredient for the success of businesses is public validation, and reviews are the ultimate form of assessment of a business' products and services. Tripadvisor reviews have become a favourite channel for many users to make their voice heard about their experience with the products and services of companies.

Now, people can give good reviews, which are a great endorsement for any business. But when the reviews are negative, the response of the business owner or manager can make or mar its progress. Here are a few tips on how to respond to negative Tripadvisor reviews without losing your business and the customer in the process.

Acknowledge Negative Reviews

Whenever you receive a negative Tripadvisor review, it is important to craft a well thought out reply that will touch on every aspect of the customer's grievances. No matter how severe the review, always acknowledge it so people can know you listen to them.

Pay Attention to the Points Raised

The internet has conditioned many people to become skimmers with a shorter span of attention. You need to concentrate on the details of the review so you can prepare a response that will address all the issues raised by the reviewer. It’s impossible to do this when you are skimming through the review. Make conscious efforts to slow down and grasp the meaning of the words, their context, the tone of the reviewer, and if available, the location and witnesses mentioned in the review.

Investigate the matter

"Whenever you receive a negative review, you should try to investigate the claims of the reviewer."

You may need to interview the staff working in the concerned department and speak with any witnesses present on that date. Doing this will give you the necessary information to provide an effective response. Cover every issue raised by the review, and in some cases,you might require the expertise of a legal professional. The bottom line is to do your research.

Know the Reviewer

Sometimes, a user writes a negative review just for the fun of it. Researching other reviews written by the customers can help reveal their motives and direct your next course of action. If the reviewer is somebody who is always thorough and raises salient points, you know how to prepare a response that will help to resolve the issue. For reviewers with a history of only negative reviews, you can decide not to worry too much about them as they can be hard to please.

Take Responsibility

A great way to dousing tension between your business and its customers is to take responsibility for any discomfort arising from the use of your products and services. Begin your response with a genuine apology to the customer. The apology should be careful not to accept the blame when you are not at fault. Apologise, but let the client know if their experience was due to their actions.

Be Brief

Responses to negative reviews should be short and to the point. Stay honest and stick to the important matters. Explain the knotty issues and lay out your solutions.

Always Be On The Lookout

Most of the time, business owners miss negative reviews and are late in responding before the review starts affecting customer behaviour

Be active on your Tripadvisor page and ensure you follow the interaction of your customers.

Negative reviews can be bad for any business, but they can be managed effectively when the responder takes the right actions. Whenever you come across a negative review, take your time to understand the issues raised by the review and the position of the reviewer. Also, prepare a quality response, accept responsibility, and consider the effect of your reply on other customers. The goal is to make your customers happy, and in return achieve greater success.


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