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How to Make Your Food Photography Go the Distance

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

When it comes to marketing food, we know that the way to your target audience’s heart is through the eyes first. That’s because we eat with our eyes before we experience it with our other senses.

"Proper food photography is essential in the food and beverage business because it conveys emotions and sets the mood."

For example, a steak thrown on a plate with no pizazz and no interesting background has no story to tell. It may very well be the best steak anywhere Australia, but if the photo lacks sizzle, the steak itself may as well too. Instead, you need The Dirty Apron & Co. to help you make an impact with a strategically-planned photo shoot that makes your food come alive in photos. It looks so good you can almost taste it. It dazzles and makes them drool when they see it, making them want to come in and order one.

That goes for every food and beverage out there. Proper photography evokes emotions and feelings. Incorporating these professional photos into all your social media postings, press kits, outdoor advertisements, advertorials, and on your website will have a huge impact. It’s a wise investment that should serve you well for 18 to 24 months with a bounty of images you can rotate in your marketing strategy.

At The Dirty Apron & Co., we know exactly what it takes to make great professional food photography come to life. You plate it and we’ll come shoot it expertly so it looks even more drool-worthy in photos. Remember, those photos are what make people look at your restaurant or café and say, “I have to go there and eat that.”

"Use your food photography wisely in your marketing campaigns and it is the greatest tool you can ever have for growing your food business."

Once you get them in the door, it’s your job to live up to the hype you created from those photos. Make sure everything you produce is beyond their expectations and they will come back time and time again!


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