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How to Make Social Media Work for Your Restaurant or Café

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

It is no longer hearsay that social media is currently at the apex of marketing. Lots of businesses out there have attested to how social media has contributed positively to the growth of their business - Restaurants and Cafés are not left out. Records have shown that the best restaurants or cafés out there today have a strong social media presence. Yes, social media has helped in projecting the images of these restaurants out there and the end product being increased sales, popularity and of course, all-purpose success.

With this in mind, as a restaurant owner, you’ve decided to give your restaurants the same social media presence in order to be successful just as you’ve heard the success stories of other restaurants, but something is wrong somewhere... You’re not getting the expected result and now you’re filled with lot uncertainties, does it really works? Is there anything I’m not doing right? A quick answer to the latter question is a big yes and there’s something you’re not doing right – that’s where this article is centered; How to make social media work for your restaurant or café.

Here, you will be opportune to read through some vital tips that can help you record immense success for your restaurant or café with the help of social media. These are proven tips to make social media work for you even if you’ve been finding it difficult before now.

Let’s get started.....

Please note that this article wouldn’t be talking about how to set up social media accounts for your restaurant or cafés, rather it's assumed that before you go in search of how to make social media work for your restaurant or café, you might have already set up these accounts and the major problem is hinged on how to make it work right. Okay, that said, let's now head to the tips.

Optimise Your Social Media Accounts

This is the first action you need to take if you really want your social accounts to standout. Let’s places emphasis on a Facebook page. Those that visit your page will want to see things that entice them, for this reason, you have to take time to describe your restaurant; your mission statement, why people have to choose your restaurant, location, opening and closing time, contact details etc. You also need to add a good cover image.

Ensure everything is well written, if you don’t have time to write or cannot write appealing contents, hire a writer to craft appealing contents for you. When you have all these on there, anyone that visits your page will take it seriously and will be convinced to do business with you. This is applicable to other social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Write Appealing Content

Now, your profile is set and you're ready for promotion, you want to do a post that could get the attention of your audience right? Let’s say you have a new diet and wants your audience to know about it. That’s a good step but you don’t just have to go write crap for your audience to take what you’re posting seriously. You need a well structured and attention-grabbing write-up. Add good images to your post that represents what you’re posting (foods), and ensure you respond to questions asked when the piece is published.

Run Sponsored Campaigns

This is one important aspect of succeeding on social media, those days have long gone where you publish a post and it goes viral, it doesn’t work these days. The owners of the social media you’re using are out there for business and want to make profit too. So, if you really want more people to see what you’ve published, you need to run paid ads. Set up your campaign, write an interesting piece, add good images, choose the specific location you want your post to go viral, follow other instructions there and get it implemented. This way, your post reaches thousands of people out there and you’d be sure of good returns. This will also help you get many likes to your pages.

Engage Your Audience

Now that you have a lot of persons visiting your social media pages and expecting to read something daily from your pages, you don’t have to lighten up. Ensure you engage your audience by posting regularly, respond to comments, answer questions, set up contest, post giveaway, social coupons, especially during national events. Once people are aware of all these. They will keep a date with you and will always visit your pages; these same people will always patronise you. Sure, your restaurants will be quite popular.

I’m sure you might have been able to learn a few new things to the ones you probably know on how to make social media work for your restaurant or café. These tips, if well implemented will certainly help grow your restaurant or café. You can record good steady sales via social media with the help of these tips.

So, there you have it. Have you used these tips before? Did they work for you or are you still experiencing some difficulties in getting some things set up? Do you have additional tips or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you.


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