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One of the most rewarding roles we play when working with other businesses is when we can share our knowledge with others in a way that truly contributes to our clients achieving their goals in the kitchen and beyond.


Our expertise is not only in food marketing and how to plate it up with panache, but also with helping others optimise the potential of their business. We offer interactive sessions with hands-on learning to give you the skills to sizzle. That means we go beyond showing you what an #instapic is.


For restaurant owners or food production businesses who want to develop social media skills of their own or for their team, our training courses and flexible support will make social work for you and your business. Marketing your business without an understanding of what you wish to achieve could result in you missing out on your slice of the pie. As such, we make sure that all training and coaching we conduct is completed in the context of your own goals and is suited to your experience level.


Through one-on-one training and coaching, we can help you take your business and marketing strategy to a new, delicious heights.

in-house tailored social media training

1-2-1 social media training

We can do that too! We are happy to meet with you monthly to help you identify the best places for you to spend your time and cook up a special strategy with you! Learn everything you need to know about social media strategy, networks, how to create great content, Facebook advertising or any other area on a one-to-one basis. One-to-one sessions are tailored to your training needs and will give you the confidence and skills you need whilst focusing exclusively on your business or project. You’ll have the opportunity to really sink your teeth into all of it with a social media expert to ensure you’re doing everything right. In-house training is available to groups as well as individuals.

For larger organisations that want to stand out from their competitors and invest in their team, our in-house social media training content is tailored to ensure that the content, tools, and strategies we cover are relevant to your business. We are happy to help you identify where you need the most support and which training strategies would be most beneficial to your business. Suitable for you as the business owner, marketing, and management teams, and anyone in the organisation who would benefit from understanding more about social media marketing and communications.

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