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Is your food business making the most out of your social media efforts?

Check out what some food business owners are calling “the best marketing decision I’ve made this year!”


Learn more about the 365-day social media menu whipped up specifically for food businesses.

Do you own a cafe, small restaurant

or food business?

Do you ever wish running your food business was just a little bit less time consuming when it comes to creating and scheduling social media? 

Use your time more efficiently so you can

do the things you love.

Simply purchase the  

We've whipped up a clever strategy to allow you to quickly populate your social media profiles with quality, super-appetising content

of scrumptious food-related content that’s both relevant and refreshing.



download each month 

of the calendar and use each daily post as a guide to customise your entire 2019 social media schedule. These posts have been designed to be used for Facebook, Instagram and Insta Stories. 

save time. Stress less.


Are you ready to plan out your social media content for 2019?


Then it's time to discover a better way of managing your social media. At The Dirty Apron & Co., we know what brings your customers to the table and have done all the hard work for you!

We’ve developed a unique solution that allows you to tailor a social media calendar to your food business so that you stand out from your competition and win over the taste buds of your desired market.

your social media menu




national food days, e.g. World Beer Day

celebrated holidays to put on the menu


posts curated for customer engagement 




month calendar of content, each day with a suggest social media post


food-related quotes

inspirational/fun quotes


That's 100 days of ready-to-eat content!

a bento box of templated quotes

which includes:

inspirational/fun quotes


"celebrated" food days



12 Australian recognised holidays & significant days of celebration

Make it your New Year's resolution to let the Dirty Apron & Co. help you craft your perfect recipe for social media success.

here's a taste of what you will get

A monthly list of National Food Events & Expos

A monthly list of "celebrated" food days

Links to download templated quotes and curated posts for "celebrated" food days & National Holidays

A range of suggested social media posts you can customise to your business


if you purchase the bento box you'll get a selection of curated posts like these ready to schedule to your feed


National and International food days 

National Holiday posts

food related quotes

So, you want a piece of the pie?

Make it your New Year's resolution to let the Dirty Apron & Co. help you craft your perfect recipe for social media success.

social media menu

bento box of quotes