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59 Dutton Street, Cairns, QLD 4870

I live and breathe the local food industry and everything that goes into—from conceptualising a marketing campaign or food event to executing it to the highest degree.


Fuelled by more English Breakfast tea than one person should ever consume, I have an unmatched enthusiasm for making things better.


I live and breathe the local food industry and everything that goes into—from conceptualising a marketing campaign or food event to executing it to the highest degree.


Two years ago, I decided to make my dream, working with food full time, possible by utilising my passion for all things food to help food and hospitality businesses with their digital marketing.  

My mission is to nurture small food businesses and help them grow from the ground up, just like locally-grown and sourced ingredients.


I love (LOVE) getting to know the story behind great food and hospitality businesses in Australia and me and my small team of equally-enthusiastic food lovers are so honored every time you let me into your world...

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Turn up the heat, because I'm ready to get in the kitchen with you to give your food brand the flavour it needs to stand out.

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It’s all about you! The tireless devotion never ceases day in and day out as I search for more delicious ways to help you build your food business. I know as well as you do how complex the food and beverage industry is, and I know what you need from a food marketing agency in order to succeed. Because of my experience and focus, I understand every step of that process, from concept to customer, inside to out, backward and forward and all the way around.

You can serve up the best food in the world, but unless the public knows about it you might as well be cooking a ready meal for one. You’ve really got to dish it out! We know how exhausting that can get though. It’s hard work to be the owner of a restaurant or café. You’re already busy so why add more to your plate, right?


At the Dirty Apron & Co., we know where to find your target market, and how to get their mouths watering.


If you're launching a new eatery, we have an experienced team who can introduce your new location to foodies with a flourish. But if your existing business is failing to excite, we are equally adept at turning things around.


Remember, it only takes one fresh ingredient to transform any dish into an exceptional culinary masterpiece.

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We know food, and we love it too. We promote only food, beverage and fresh produce businesses to consumers and trade audiences. We are not distracted by projects outside our niche. We work solely on food campaigns because it’s what we do best.


We understand the hunger which drives the food and beverage retail sector and marketplace and relish the challenge of maximising the commercial potential of new food products and existing ranges. There are a thousand voices in the market competing for your slice of the pie.


Not only that, there are a thousand tiny details demanding your attention before you even make it to market. Do you know what they are? Well, we do!


We use our experience, our connections and our resources to make sure you're seen and heard (and maybe even tasted and smelled!).

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our food marketing services include:

…both à la carte marketing projects and monthly marketing management where we serve as your outsourced marketing department. Let our digital marketing consultancy handle your marketing so you can focus on the food!

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